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They now unactivated all of the free item links. Only thing left to get free is the business cards if you don’t personalize the font/text boxes.


Here is a link to have them send you wedding paper samples. Linen is pretty nice.

and sample of business products.  We have thought up MANY creative ways to use the rack cards and postcards!

Remember, you can do 10 always FREE items, you know if they are always free if the say “FREE” all caps in the description and had limited designs and fonts.   If you click ‘advanced edit’ or click the ‘premium designs’ it no longer will be FREE, they will charge you a fee.   If in your cart you see the description “free”  *lowercase* –  the item is on sale, a special because of a sale link you clicked on retailmenot or from your email.  You can mix FREE and free items, but you are still only allowed 10 per order.  Once you add an 11th free item, something will be charged a price.

VP Now LIMITS FREE items to *2* per Order
They have changed the rules on us again.  Instead of 10, it is now 2 free items per order.  However, if you paid to remove the VP branding, the item doesn’t ‘count’ as ‘free.’  
** Items that you can pay to remove the branding so they don’t count **   Tote, Pen, Mug 1-sided, mousepad, banner

free car magnet
they have a tux one that you can write “Just Married” on with your date – or use one with lots of blank space as a dry erase board for your home

car magnet

free tote
the insert photo one, you can upload your own image for a price or search the VP library for an image

Free Mug
get the dress and tux mug, and put the New Mrs. “Smith” or something like that to use the morning of your wedding for pictures

*trick with the mug…. do the back side printing, it is FREE… so have “new Mrs. Smith” on the front, wedding date on the back. Use it for photos for the morning of.

AND… there is a glitch, they don’t charge you to remove the branding on the double sided mug, even if you click $1.99 remove branding…. it doesn’t show in your cart.

Free banner –  limited designs and fonts. It will cost extra to change the fonts/add text boxes.

Free Pen

free small photo flip book **** GREAT DEAL **** SMALL brag book or upload pictures to use as table number

free flip book

free business cards
again, not many options and it costs extra for the advance edit – favor tags, well wishes, etc

free hat

FREE hats

free notebook – Great for blank paged book for flower girl to color in, a planning journal for you, a Vacation journal for you and your loved one


free stamp

10 free invites – rehearsal dinner invites, Bridesmaid Survival kit cards
rehearsal dinner or bridesmaid brunch? – again, limited designs


free note pad

free tee .. again, limited options

free sticky notes

free mouse pad .. again, limited designs, but one is a photo option

free return labels **** GREAT DEAL * usually adds $5 S&H to normal orders — cost less than $1 to use the advance edit, then you can upload any image or search the VP image library to cover the FREE design and make Custom return labels for next to nothing.

Free postcards – 29 designs, limited fonts and text boxes, Advance edit is $12.49

Free Lawn sign – link takes you to a red free sign, but there are some other Free designs, click the “view all FREE”

free small magnets – limited designs and fonts

free key chain – kinda cheap, but cute gift for kids or to use on luggage to ID quickly


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  1. Hi Haley! I miss seeing you on WW!!
    Was just messing with the free links above. I think VP closed the loophole with getting more than two free things if you remove the branding… (If I am reading your instructions correctly…) I made a lawn sign, return address labels, a two-sided mug (removed branding), and a tote (removed branding), but it was still charging me for any extra items.

    I can confirm though that, although I clicked to remove branding on the mug, once in the cart, the $1.99 charge didn’t show… Kinda bummed though. I need the return address labels and lawn sign. I was going to get the mug just for fun…

    Anyway I thought I’d give ya a heads up on that! I tried different combinations of three items and the third always ended up being full price…

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