DIY Projects

I must confess, I have not made any of these DIY projects.  I have just collected a LARGE amount of neat ideas and the links to the tutorial.  ~ Enjoy ~

Hundreds of Ideas… I can’t even name them all… Check out this site!

DIY your own Runner:
– 36″ wide cotton muslin in length and color you desire.

– A cardboard tube that’s at least 38″ long.- Iron-on adhesive tape
– At least 4 yards of satin ribbon to use as pull cord
– Clear Packing Tape
– Scissors

DIY – petal bumper- petal ribbons

– search ebay “1000 petals” for inexpensive petals from China


or purchase from Petal Happy

DIY – Dye your Crinoline

– Make sure it is made of anything BUT Polyester

WW-brides example

how to links:  or

DIY – Garter


DIY – ruffled chair sashes


They are made by cutting a circle of fabric into a spiral. Try it out with a scrap piece of fabric in various sizes until you get the length and fullness you want.  More Details on how to create them   and

DIY- Wine Glass Candle Lamps

Buy vellum and print a pattern or use a decorative hole punch to create a pattern.  Or buy on-line.


from save-on-crafts

DIY – colored Mason Jars


DIY – Unity Candle



DIY – Cork Ball


created by CherubinoCrafts

DIY – String Ball Centerpieces


DIY – Doily Lanterns

– I suggest using a punching balloon (very round) Hold it shut with a twist tie, deflate, remove and re-use. Don’t know why she would buy so many balloons/balls and pop them


DIY – Doily & Burlap Mason Jar Tea lights


DIY Tissue Paper Mason Jars


sold by usedandabused on Etsy



Tissue Paper Mason Jars using wax paper and leaves

Tissue Paper Mason Jars using Mod Podge

Tissue Paper Mason Jars using a Xyron Machine

DIY Vase – Found objects – Empty Jars

tin can deco diy – Ideas for Every Season

Tin Cans


Card stock around any jar

crepe paper candles

Martha Stewart centerpiece ideas

Dollar store vases and crepe paper

paint string

Mark Montano

Any empty glass jar, string, and paint

DIY – Paper and ornament centerpiece

Book from dollar store, ornaments from dollar store – plus glue = $2 per
The size of the wreath itself is appx 28-36 inch in diameter.

(need apprx 120-140 page per wreath may vary based on how large the base is – example is  10 inch diameter)
To use as a table centerpiece, I would recommend hot glueing a round mirror as a base in the center instead of ornament and decorate around the mirror. You can also place a round vase then place your favorite column candle in there. Can use wrapping paper instead of book pages, for a different look.
* example made by tram n.

check out tram’s full post

Tutorial for the rose

DIY – Paper towel roll Wreaths!
Some have coffee filter carnations – Some have paper roses
– check out tram’s post –395371_10100510231823738_244515930_a

DIY – Coffee Filter Pomanders – Coffee Filter Roses


by Heather Gerrity

DIY – Coffee Filter Peony Pomander – Kissing Ball


by –

DIY – Coffee Filter Carnation Pomander


by kbee2011



Tips / adjustments:
Using the “staple & big corsage push-pin” method was NOT working. INSTEAD: Use T-pins – No stapling required. Push the T-Pin in the center of the coffee filter, hold the bottom part of the pin that is exposed and with your other hand, slowly squish the filter up and together. Repeat this with 2 more filters on the same pin, for a total of 3 filters per “flower bunch”.
Colored flowers – create a paint bath using acrylic paint, water & a disposable pie tin. Use about a table-spoon of paint – filled the rest of the pie tin with water – mixed it – longer they soak/darker the color

DIY – Crepe Paper Roses


created by Olivia Kanaley of A Field Journal.

crepe paper rolls and some beads!

DIY – glitter heels!!!


by mmarcial619

Here is the DIY youtube tutorial – for glitter heels

DIY – Glitter Soles


by Francesca-Restyle Restore Rejoice

DIY – Tinsel wands.

real exit


DIY – Build a Photo Wall Backdrop


created by Laura

Different instructions – more tips – another example


DIY how to build a fake wall with pvc pipes


DIY photos onto canvas

– with White tissue paper & Mod-Podge!


by Cydney

Check out Cydney’s example!

FREE ~ Printable Photobooth props !!!!


More Decoration Ideas for a Bride on a budget

SUGGESTED POSTS:  Check out my DIY photo booth post

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