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POEMS – Favors, Will you be my… Flower Girl/Ring-Bearer In Remembrance, Bathroom Baskets, Wishing Tree, Photo I-spy, etc….

I’ve helped collect a large number of poems and such that people have been using on signs and such at weddings.   I hope that you can find something helpful here.  There is a great link to a Large index of favor sayings.  Wishing Tree signage, Photo upload cards, Candy Buffet sign, Donations wording, and more.  Hope this helps.  ~ Happy Planning ~

LARGE Index of Favor Sayings – Poem ideas…


Possible poem for Save The Dates

(Bride) and (Groom) have gone hi-tech,
Just so you can see,
What’s been happening in their lives,
Regarding the date-to-be.
We’ve had our photos taken,
We’ve tried to do things right,
And you can peek at little details,
If you log in to our website.
www. something. com


Our day is fast approaching
And we can hardly wait.
We want you to be with us,
So be sure to Save the Date!
(Bride) & (Groom)
(City, State)


(Groom) popped the Question
(Bride) said “Yes!”
We’re planning a wedding,
So please be our Guest!
(City, State)


This little card is sent to say,
We would really like you to share our day.
So please, if you can, keep this special day free,
To spend it with the bride & groom to be…
formal invitation to follow


While we decide on flowers, dresses, and what kind of cake;
We want you to know that we do know the Date!
(Bride) and (Groom)
are getting married
(City, State)

Poem for Wishing Tree ~ Guest book Cards


These cards will be
for our wedding book
a modern twist
on the standard look.

As we begin our Journey
A brand new Mr. and Mrs.
We could surely use
Your Advice and good Wishes.

Jot down a Memory,
A reminder of the day.
Draw a doodle or picture
If your not sure what to say.

Share with us your Wisdom
About Marriage, Love, and Life,
The secret to being a good Husband
Or a thoughtful, loving Wife.

Please don’t forget
It would be such a shame
to leave your wisdom
Without signing your Name.

Give us words of love or fun
Write or draw your own design.
And put it in the bowl when you are done.
(And hang it in the tree when you are done.)

Poem for Photo upload cards


Can you catch us when we kiss.
Find moments the photographer may have missed.
Use your camera and look around,
Please upload your photos, they are so hard to hunt down.

(((upload site)))

Wedding I-Spy

Take your camera + look around, find these pictures that must be found!

Shoot away + complete the list, Find the moments the photographer might have missed!
A pretty Dress * People Laughing * Bride & Groom holding hands
Close up of Flowers * Cutest older couple * Big Hug
Someone making a lovely toast * Best Man with Groom
Maid of Honor helping the Bride * Tears of happiness
Bride & Groom’s first dance * Bride and Groom Kissing
Everyone at your table * Artistic shot of your food * Sweet Treats
Groom playing with his ring * Favorite decoration
Worst dancer caught in the act * Best dancer showing off their moves
 Wedding Mad Libs
i-spy madlibs
Congrats to the (adjective) couple, Bride & Groom!
It’s so (adjective) to know that you are (verb) your (adjective) life together. You both are the most (adjective) (noun) I have ever met.
May your lives be blessed with many ( plural noun ) !
Here’s some advice for you: never forget to (verb) after you (verb) .
Also, remember to (verb) before you (verb) .
Bride, you should always remember to (verb) Groom’s (noun) .
Groom, the key to a woman’s (noun) is by (verb) for her.
Love, _________________________


BM ty

Will you be my __________?

The day, the dress
The bride, the groom
The joy, the tears
Will all come so soon

Professing true love
To my husband-to-be
With family and friends
All watching me

I hope the sun will
Be shining down
Keep your fingers crossed
That I’ll fit my gown

But there ‘s one more thing
That there needs to be
And that’s to have you
Standing with me!

Or – reword this to go in a card with your thank you gift to your wedding party.
Wording for beginning of a Rehearsal Invitation?

It’s hard for us to believe that in just a little while,
the two of us will be walking down the aisle,
And nothing would give us more joy or pride,
Than having you there right by our side.

(Flower girl)
When I was just a little girl,
About the size of you,
I dreamed one day I’d fall in love
And then get married, too.
So now that I am all grown up,
About to be a bride,
I want you for my flower girl
To be right by my side.
For it is common knowledge that
A wedding’s not complete,
Without a pretty flower girl
Like you, who’s dear and sweet.
Will you be my flower girl?


flower girl poem

You are so very young but the years will pass by,
And you’ll too be a bride in the blink of an eye.
While you may not remember the day that I married,
The part that you played or the basket you carried.
There will be a day that will burn bright like an ember,
The day you will wed, you will always remember.
So here is a hankie for the day you will say…
“I need ‘something old’ for my wedding day.”

ring bearer poem
How lucky we are to have a ring bearer
Who’s so cute in every way.
Someone who knows how to walk down an aisle
And steal everyone’s heart away.
So thank you for being our ring bearer,
And helping to lead the way.
But thank you most of all for helping
To make ours a perfect wedding day.

Bathroom Baskets

If you’ve stained your tie,
Your hair is out of place,
You’ve got bad breath
Or whatever the case.
We’ve put together a basket
To help you along.
Now hurry back before you
Miss the next song!

Please help yourself
to the contents within,
Mints, hand lotion, and even aspirin!
Use what you need and leave the rest,
It may be useful to another guest,
So repair the damage
that may have been done,
Then hurry back and join the fun!

Bridesmaid Survival Kit
(read them all and mix them to create your own)

This Survival Kit was made just to say, 
I’m thrilled you are beside me on my wedding day! 
There’s chocolate to eat in case you get hungry, 
If your neck starts to sweat, use the scrunchie! 
In case of a spill, here’s some tide, 
I’ve included some tissues in case you should cry! 
Some mints to keep your breath nice & fresh, 
And use the lip gloss to help look your best! 
A shot if you’re nervous and need a drink, 
Deodorant for if you absolutely stink! 
There’s ibuprofen inside incase it’s ill that you feel, 
And bandaids to help you tackle those heels! 
I’ve put everything in this handy pack, 
so you’ll know this Bride has got your back!


This survival kit was made just to say, 
I’m thrilled you’re beside me on my wedding day!
There’s Aspirin and Tums if you’re not feeling well, 
Band-Aids on the off-chance that you fell!
A bottle of water to ward off the heat,
Toothpicks in case you get something in your teeth!
Safety pins in case your dress rips, 
And a straw  so you don’t smear your lips!
There’s mints to keep your breath smelling great, 
And a nail file in case a tip breaks!
Tissues in case you should happen to cry, 
In case of a spill, I’ve included some Tide.
There’s a granola bar in case you get hungry, 
And some more Aspirin, for your hangover on Sunday!
I’ve put everything in this handy pack, 
So you’ll know that this bride has got your back!
This kit was created so you can see, 
How much you mean to the bride to be!


This Survival Kit was made just to say,
I’m thrilled you’re beside me on my wedding day!
Lotion to keep your hands from getting dry,
A packet of tissues in case you should cry.
Lip gloss in case your lips should chap,
You know this bride is watching your back!
An ail file to prevent those runs I mentioned before,
I want to prepare you for what may be in store.
Hairspray to keep your hair in place,
A mirror to check out your beautiful face.
Band-Aids in case your shoes aren’t feeling okay,
Or you can just take them off and dance the night away!
Some hugs and kisses for my favorite girls,
You are my best friends in the whole wide world.
Thank you so much for all you have done,
Your support, your love, and all of the fun!
I hope this kit helps you and brings you some glee,
It’s just a little thanks from the bride-to-be.


This Survival Kit was made just to say,
I’m thrilled you’re beside me on my wedding day!
There’s chocolate to give you that sugar high,
A packet of tissues in case you should cry.
Lip gloss to help you care for your smile.
If a nail should break, I’ve included a file.
There is Shout if you should spill on your dress,
and lifesavers to keep your breath minty fresh.
There’s Aleve and Tums if it’s ill that you feel,
and Band-aids to help you tackle high heels.
I’ve put everything in this handy pack,
so you’ll know that this bride has got your back!
This kit was created so that you can see,
how much you mean to the bride-to-be! 

Candy Buffet Poem


See all the treats
We are offering you
On this beautiful day
When we say “I do.”

Use the scoop
Choose what you like
Leave some for others
Be Polite

It was sweet of you
to go out of your way
To be here with us
on our Special Day.

So take this box and
Fill it with treats
Our way of saying thank you
for being so Sweet

Donation instead of favors

menu - in memory

With much thought and consideration,
we have chosen a special way to say “Thank You”
for sharing our wedding day with us.
In commemoration of our wedding day,
we have made a donation to

The _______ Society
And the
_________ Association.
These donations are made in your honor

In loving memory of
Bob Smith ….. Grandfather of the Bride
Tom Jones ….. Grandfather fo the Bride
Mary Thomas …. Grandmother of the Groom

We feel the finest gift is one,
which helps others live longer and healthier lives.
We truly appreciate your being
part of our lives and this special day.

In Memory of…..


For Mom…

Although you may not see her,
you know your Mom is here,
you carry her within your heart
and feel her presence near.

You know she will be happy
to see your wedding day,
she knows you’ve found your one true love
and that you’ll be okay.

You know that as she watches
your wedding from above,
she’ll send you all her blessings
and with it all her love.

If you listen very carefully
you’ll hear your mother say,
“It’s the love you show that matters most
each and every day.”

For Dad….

Dear Lord please clear a spot for him;
he should have the perfect view.
His little girl’s a Bride today,
and I am counting on you.
Let me feel his presence;
as I journey down the aisle.
But let me notice his abscence;
if only for a while.
Let me stop to think of him;
As I am given away.
And know that if he could;
he would be here with me today.
Dear Lord please clear a spot for him;
he should have the perfect view.
And if he should get sad today;
Dear Lord I count on you.

For Groom’s Parents….
Its their little boy’s big day today,
Dear Lord, please clear soom room
They need a perfect place to see
their son become a Groom.
We know that if they could;
they would be with us today.
Let us feel their presence;
As they help to guide our way.
May he smile and think of them
as he waits before the aisle,
But let him notice their absence
if only for awhile.
Dear Lord please clear a spot for them;
they should have the perfect view.
And if they should get sad today;
Dear Lord, we count on you.


In Remembrance…

Although we cannot see you,
We know that you are here.
We feel the warmth of your smile,
And can sense that you are near.

And we want for you to know,
Your love is still our guide,
Memories carried in our hearts,
You are always at our side.

It’s so sad you will not be here,
On the day we say “I do”,
And so we say our vows today,
In loving memory of you.

-or –

Although we can not see you
We know you are here
Smiling down,
Watching over us,
As we say “I Do.”

You will always stay
Forever in our lives,
Memories in our hearts,
We will think of you in silence
As we say our vows today.
In loving memory of _______

– or –

In Loving Memory of those who could
not be with us to share our special day
For those we have loved and lost along the way,
A flame to remember them burns here today.
For the laughter, smiles and memories remain,
Together today their presence sustains.
Never forgotten and loved forever more,
Today their blessings flicker and soar.

Possible poems for no gifts
*For use on website or extra note on registry… NOT in with the invite or even in the invite envelope *
(ok to put the website info on an insert with the invite – but please, no Registry info with invites)

Honeymoon $ request….

Please join us on our special day,
Your attendance is desired.
Don’t feel obliged to give a gift,
But your dancing shoes are required.

If you were thinking of giving a gift,
What would really make our day,
Is a contribution to our honeymoon,
To help us on our way.

Moving soon after?

If you are going to be our guest,
Please bring with you your smiles
It is hard to carry gifts
When you’re traveling all these miles.

If you were thinking of giving a gift,
To help us on our way.
One sent later to our new house,
Would really make our day.