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How to Display your wedding mementos


I have come across some cute ideas on how to display your wedding invitations and other mementos after the wedding.  Hope you find some inspiration and give some of these DIY projects a try.  ~ Congrats ~

1. Create an ornament with your invite.
Cut the invitation line by line so that you have many thin strips.  Wrap each section around a pencil to curl the paper.  Slide the strips into a clear glass ornament.

Photo by Cydney J

Photo by Cydney J

Photo and Ornament by Trena E

Photo and Ornament by Trena E

2. Create an ornament with flowers from your bouquet.
Dry out your bouquet and drop small flower buds into a clear glass ornament.

Photo and Ornament by Jen P

Photo and Ornament by Jen P

3.   Create an ornament from your Invite.
Cut large sections of your invite and mod podge them onto a piece of wood.

Photo by Tatiana S

Photo by Tatiana S

4.  Make your Cake Topper into an ornament


Photo from Tiffany

5.  Create a shadow box.
Use pearl push pins to attach items to a shadow box.

Photo and Shadow box by Desarae

Photo and Shadow box by Desarae

Photo and Shadow Box by Desarae

Photo and Shadow Box by Desarae

6.  Create a  display case.
I took a basket ball display case and placed: my bouquet, my groom’s boutonnière, my garter, hair comb, and our favor inside.  Our cake toper is resting on top of the case.

display tiarra

7.   Use a Picture Frame.
Get a double picture frame and have a wedding picture on one side, and your invite on the other.

8.  Get an engraved picture frame.
Place your photo in the frame and have your wedding invitation wording engraved on the side.

9.  Superimpose your Vows or the Lyrics to your 1st Dance over a photo.
Print and frame the image or have it printed on a canvas.


10.  Create a “book” from all your wedding cards.
I’ve seen many different ways to do this if you google it.  You can buy a 2 ring binder and punch holes in your invite.  You can punch 2 or 3 holes in every invite and just use string or twine to hold the “binding” of your book together.  You can use 1, 2, or 3 large rings.  If you are good at scrap-booking, you can make a cover for your book.   A cover can be as simple as taking a card board box and “upholstering” it with fabric.

Photo and Card book by Desarae

Photo and Card book by Desarae

Hope this inspires you with ideas on how to display and showcase your wedding mementos.  ~ Happy Planning ~

Invitations – Time Lines – How to Address

Invitation Wording Examples (lots of different options)

How to address your envelopes (print to reference when addressing invites)

Creating Address Labels without retyping everything (step by step mail merge instructions)


**Invitations/RSVP Questions**

Invites: 6 – 8 weeks
Out of Town guests, Holiday weekend, Destination wedding invites: 8 – 10 weeks
Save The Dates: 6 – 9 months before
Destination or holiday weekend Save The Dates: 9 – 12 months before

*highly suggest Save The Date if destination or holiday weekend wedding

RSVP = 12 – 18 days before your counts are due to the venue (so no more than a month before your wedding date)

count due Aug 5th
rsvp return by July 20th
(2 weeks to track them down)

count due July 30th
rsvp July 15th … hopefully they drop them in the mail and you have them by July 21 and you have 9 days to track people down….


“A-List” and “B-List” – How To

First find out when your final head count is due
Then you start to work backwards

With an “A” and “B” list…. the “B” list shouldn’t be TOO big, so there shouldn’t be too many names to hunt down. Your “B” list RSVP can be around 7 -9 days before your head count is due. You would “like” the “B-list” to have 2.5 – 3 weeks to respond to the RSVP so it doesn’t “feel” like a “B-list” (the mail out date for B-list is RSVP date for A-list)

Then count back another 3 – 4 weeks for when you mail out the “A” list.
Ex. Wedding 6/30
Head count due 6/22

RSVP “B-list” June 13 (should have all back by the 18th)
RSVP “A-list” May 21th (mail out 1 B-list as each “no” comes in – this date give B-list almost 3 weeks to respond * and is 5 weeks before the wedding)
Mail out “A-list” April 20th * 10 weeks before the wedding * (They should all receive them by April 25th – gives them just under 4 weeks to respond)